We believe that our clients deserve the best options available to them as they seek to join the over 1 million homeowners who have made the move to solar over the last 10 years. We currently partner with three of the best solar companies in the United States and we are actively working on partnerships with other great solar providers. To learn more about our partners, click on their logos below.Since 2003, SUNation has served the entire Long Island community by providing the highest quality solar installations backed by the very best service and support available. SUNation Solar Systems is Long Island’s home-grown, award-winning solar design and installation expert.

When it comes to solar power, we understand that you need to be confident in the company you hire to install your panels. At Hytech Solar, we don’t just take pride in what we do – we make a promise to each one of our customers to provide them with the exceptional service, product, and quality that they deserve.

Sunrun believes that running your home on the sun isn’t just smart, it’s brilliant. That’s why we invented a new, simple approach to home solar: solar power as a service. We buy the solar system, install it on your roof, and take care of it for the next 20 years. You just pay us a low, locked-in rate for the electricity the system produces, and we cover the cost of hardware, permitting, installation, monitoring, and repairs. With over 202,000 customers in 23 states across the country, Sunrun has nearly 20 years experience installing high-quality solar systems.